Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You Have A Choice, my Dear Frida

I have not touched on things spiritual very much in this blog (some would say that is understandable since this is, after all, a humor blog, and what does spirituality have to do with humor -- you might be surprised). Ms. Kahlo seems to believe that her death is not the end of her existence, and that she will do what she can to guarantee that she never end up in a body on this planet again.  From what Near Death Experiencers say (and, if one is to take them at their word, who should know better?), we human spirits are not required to incarnate on this Earth -- it is a choice we make in order to test what we have learned "on the Other Side" and to advance ourselves spiritually through pre-planned experiences. It takes a lot of guts, apparently, to come here. It's not for sissies. But not every individual, conscious/sentient energy form decides to take that plunge. So, Frida, you are perfectly within your "rights" never to return. 

But I would take a bet that you do, Sweetheart.

Many Thanks to A 1000 Broken Dreams

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