Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Intermission Time!

I haven't posted any of those wonderful drive-in intermission ads in awhile so here's one for ya. This one has several major sequences, but the one to watch for is the second one, which has an awesome harpsichord component. It's one of my most favorite refreshment commercials.

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Seen On Drudge Report

I thought the juxtaposition of these two images was, well, interesting. King Abdullah might want to take advantage of this special from Domino's.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Awesome scar!

Grates to Susi-A

By This Time

...the allure and excitement of the rock business was on the wane for Jimi.

Much Obliged to Susi-A

Epic Big Hair

And the possessor is obviously, glowingly proud of the fact.

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Look What I Picked Up At The Rexall

Yeah, I wish.

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Yes, It Is Coca Cola

I have never been a big fan of alcoholic beverages. I never cared for the bite of alcohol. If I was going to drink something, I wanted it to taste good, above all other things, and with no unpleasant aftertaste. Soft drinks are a natural choice, and Coca Cola, to me, represents the tastiest of all the possibilities. And its whole presentation, particularly in the mid-20th Century period, was both classic and inviting. Packaging plays a key part in this, and it is clever, attractive containers, like the carton pictured here, that reinforces this.

To me, ads like this for Coca Cola impart a strong sense of nostalgia.

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Secret Agent Macho Glassjaw

...held off the enemy agents while Plethora Pudenda turned cartwheels to staunch her anxiety over being pinned down in the copse.

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We're Flappin'!

The Ukelele Sirens sexing it up in their canvas bathing suits. Some dudes in raccoon coats came by a little later and chatted them up. Nice gams, girls!

Much Obliged to I Want To Touch Your Face

Here. Drink This.

It'll ratchet down the inhibitions and we can make some progress.

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Gadfly Of The Materialists

John Locke -- not a housefly, not a horse fly, not a sand fly. John Locke, Philoso Fly.

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Moucho Grarx

In Parallel Universe 39, the alternate for the Marx Brothers was the Grarx Bros, including the sly and lecherous Moucho, who was fond of removing his nose and inserting it up attractive ladies' dresses.

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If You Wanna Touch Me, Bro'

...then your prize better be at least as long as my CLEA-VAGE.


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one helluva bad hair day.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


As you have no doubt noticed, I have not posted for some days now. 

I am working on getting us moved to Minnesota and it does take up quite a bit of my time.

I am just about to a point where I will have time to post again, so don't despair.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Obnoxiousness Of The First Order (Let's Turn It Around)

My Straight Son May Not Go Down In History--
    But He'll Go Down On Your Girlfriend!

Never mind -- she'd be proud of that, too.

Eternally Grateful to A 1000 Broken Dreams

Hotties Of My Mother's Time

Evelyn Tachinni, the Hod Rod Queen, the rather matronly babe of the 50s. My mother was still in her twenties in the 50s, and she had a number of gal friends who were either in their twenties or thirties. As a very young kid, I had absolutely no interest in her friends, but on looking back, I retain a sense
that these were attractive young women.

And I find myself sometimes wishing that I could go back and encounter them as an adult, with the full knowledge and wisdom that I enjoy now in my early 60s. I think it would be a lot of fun.

Nicked From Hoodoo That Voodoo

The Girl Can't Help It

Olivia was a totally sexual creature and exceedingly fond of fellatio. If confronted with anything that resembled an erect, naked penis, she would automatically assume the position.

Grates to A 1000 Broken Dreams

My Kinda Gal

Not really.

Via A 1000 Broken Dreams

For A Midnight Snack

Many Thanks to A 1000 Broken Dreams

Oh Mah God!

Is this for real? Could it be that in the 40s there was some accepted notion of integration? Perhaps there was an enlightened attitude among pin-up artists? Would be nice to think so.

Courtesy of Hoodoo That Voodoo

Judy and Herman

...were inseparable.

Happily Pillaged From Random Index

Mussolini's Towel Rack

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Those Frumpy 30s Bathing Suits

Yes, they were pretty grandmotherly from our post-modern perspective, but, as evidenced by this photo, the suits generally did not incorporate the bra insert that later suits would feature. So, men back then could reasonably expect to see how robustly a young lady was equipped in the baby-mouth-access department. And, imagine how much that was enhanced when the suits absorbed some water.

Oh, yeah, things were pretty sweet back then, in some ways.

Many Thanks to Hoodoo That Voodoo

Friday, March 16, 2012

Something Yummy For My Readers To Look At

This looks like pure french fry heaven to me.

Courtesy of Moth Milk

My Lady Wishes

Pallmonga waited patiently for Lady Terlingua to decide her next move. She was smitten with the dashing Lord Pharangella, but she was not sure if it was time for her to expose her bosom to her prospective lover. Her faithful servant, attendant and sexless, knew that she would make up her
mind soon, and then he would have to approach the nobleman with a potpourri d'amour signalling that his lady wished to appear waist-up nude to him at midnight in an appointed location.

Pallmonga had done this service many times. And this one would not fail to thrill him as did all the others.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Excuse Me, Please

Am I in the South yet?

Grazie a Bread Came Sliced

Sweet Jesus!

Can this day possibly get any worse?!

From The Bounty That Is Bread Came Sliced

One Step Closer, Fucker

...and I'm unleashing "Inna-Gada-Da-Vida" on yer ass.

Via Bread Came Sliced

Yogi! Dude!

Picnic tables are over here!

Courtesy of Bread Came Sliced

Proof Positive

That space aliens have been with us for some time.

Much Obliged to Bread Came Sliced

The Owners Maintain

...that they will be throwing no stones.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

That's Because

Stephanie's too busy checking out Lisa's tits. 

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It Occurred To Me

...,seeing this picture of McDonald's when they were still fresh in the market, that maybe I might be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the burgers from this operation of the 50s in comparison to their dreadful 21st Century counterparts.

Happily Pillaged From Atompunk

First, Remove All Your Clothing

Now, come over here and I will hold you and absorb the radiation. Don't worry I have an inherent radiation desensitivity -- I won't be damaged, but my body will attract all alpha rays so that they don't do any further damage to you...

Seriously! Hurry, Miss!

Much Obliged to Atompunk

How Could These Damn Things Ever Have Worked?

In every damn picture I have seen of them, they have these big gaping holes in them. 

Much Obliged to Atompunk

Yummy Anachronistic Peek-A-Boo

This photo appears to have been taken in the late 50s (the note on the last post of it claims that this lady was a carnival worker -- the hoochie-coochie illustration in the background making the point), but the general presentation of the subject looks rather anachronistic because of the co-opting of the fashion establishment of vintage lingerie and dress styles in recent times. 

She's very sexy, in a way that feels post-modern, and she is showing a lot more cleavage than was generally thought proper in the apparent times in which this photo was snapped. She is a tawdy lady, a carnie, a real hot number. I would love to be able to see a film of her act.

Many Thanks to Atompunk

Scamp We'd Most Like To See

...abused, verbally, emotionally, sexually -- take your pick, just make it so. Pippi (pronounced, appropriately enough, Pee-Pee) Longstockings, Obnoxious Brat, Extraordinaire.

Many Thanks to Kiddie Matinee

I'm The Dalai Lama, MoFo!

Big Jacob Ferdlehrer of Narrangansett, R.I., browses the book rack at Kinimura's Adult Books. Mr. Ferdlehrer is noted for having since 1952 claimed to be the real Dalai Lama, challenging Tenzin Gyatso's claim to the seat. He maintains that he woke on February 10, 1950 to find himself wearing a yellow hat called a "gelug", the traditional headcovering of the Tibetan Dalais. He has petitioned the monks at several monasteries in Tibet, telling them that he has had dreams wherein Palden Lhamo, the Guardian of the Sacred Lake, has told him that he is the true reincarnated Dalai Lama, but all his protests have fallen on deaf ears. Ferdlehrer is not one to give up however, and he plans next to approach the U.N. for help in plying his claim.

Many Thanks to Glyphjockey

Merciful Beyonce

I am looking 'specially delishus t'day, if I may say so myse'f.

Many Thanks to Poorly Dressed People

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sane Advice Doomed To The Shitter

-Josh, I really wanna hook up with you at like McDs' or you know some place cool, but I really have to run it by my Mom. 
-OMG, Katelynn, if you do that, she's not gonna let you come see me. That is so uncool. You don't need permission from your parents, grrrl. You're not a kid anymore, ya know. 
-Uh, yeah, I guess you're right. I trust you. Look, I can sneak out sometime when they have gone to a movie or somethin'. I'll text ya when it's all clear. 
-Alright, you are so together, I just can't believe how much for someone who is 13. We are gonna have a blast! 

Snatched From I Want To Touch Your Face

How Many Times Have I Told You

...not to play with your food, young lady.

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Don't Say Anything To Encourage Her

"The lady has flowers growing out of her head and tits. She just walks up to me, puts her arm around me like she's known me forever. I'm sitting here thinking 'Oy vey, another nutty burlesque chorine, like I need another one, my woodcock is not my own anymore, and I'm turning into an insomniac.' Just humor her and she'll move on to the next dummy."

Happily Pillaged From It Is Not Safe Here

The Rifleman's Son Discovers

...that when someone becomes a giant, seams develop along the length of their arms.

Courtesy of It Is Not Safe Here

Fresh Doughnuts!

Come right in, my friend!

Via Good Things

Geez, Justin, Have You Forgotten?

I'm your sister, Dork.

Courtesy of Good Things

Have To Laugh At This One

There's more about the Governor that I agree with than not, but the perceived  hyper-patriotism implied in this little joke actually tickles this conservative's funny bone.

Swiped from Good Things

I'm The King

I'll fuck with ya if I want.

Much Obliged to Good Things