Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Material With The Most Powerful Potential For Titillation

Comes from the sources you would least expect it to issue from: the goofy, the clownish, the vintage musical, the juvenile burlesque of baggy pants, loudmouth hucksters, and women who look like your Aunt Minerva, but conceal fulsome secondary sexual characteristics.

Source: Retrozone

Oh, Owlsley, My Wise Friend

You were right! You catch a lot more lovefish with your tits out.

Source: Mira y Calla

So Sorry To Report

I will be working my day job until later Saturday, so it is going to impact my posting.

I will post, but it will be just one or two a day rather than the abundance I have been able to publish of late.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nice Golf Cart, Hon'

Now get it the fuck outta my fileroom.

Thanks to Retrozone

Don't Know What This Is From

But, I would like to believe it is from a live spook show, sometime in the late 40s maybe. 

Anyway, I like to think it is. My little fantasy.

Via Retrozone

Oh - Mah - God

You really do expect me to stay out here!

Courtesy of Marco Folio

Oh, Baby

Nothing puts your man in the mood like your cranking up the theremin. 

Many Thanks to Retrozone

Need Some Help With Those, Ma'am?

From The Bounty That Is Retrozone 

Nothing New As Yet

Ernie was waiting for the girl to come up with something he hadn't seen a million times. So far, he was unmoved.

Via Turhan's Bey Company

Do These Pants

...make my butt look like it's been Photoshopped?

Many Thanks to Radioactive Lingerie

Wouldn't It Be Great

to have a room covered with this wallpaper?

Source: Turhan's Bey Company

Look, It Was A Time Of Ignorance

And out of the looms of incomprehension and tastelessness came some incredibly ugly dresses. I have first-hand experience with this.

Courtesy of Sloth Unleashed

You Know That Bra You Refused To Buy Me?

I'm wearing it.

Another Great Steal from Life On Mars

God, They Were Food-Naughty In The Fifties

Yeah, Baby, gimme a big ole slice!

Many Thanks to Sloth Unleashed

And Now For Your Pleasure

A demonstration of the process our corporation has developed for combating erectile dysfunction. We like to call it "Snap To", for short. Gentlemen in the audience, please don't be embarrassed if you should experience an erection.

Source: Fuck Yeah Dementia

Oh, Do Feel Free To Have A Peek, Dearie

"Darling, how did you get rid of the men?"
"I sent them off to a speakeasy on Turndahl. They won't be back for hours."
"Then we have plenty of pleasuring time?"
"Oh, dear, by the time we have to get ourselves together, you are going to be dishrag loose, and your sweet little pussy is going to be licked into total submission."
"Maddy, what did I do before I met you?"
"You settled for being plumbed by amateurs, my silly nymph."

Source: Sloth Unleashed

Why Thank You!

So nice of you to come.

Courtesy of Life on Mars

So Much For Discreet Service

"Oh, shit. Uh, that's very nice. You aren't filming this, are you? Crigey, I just popped in for some matches.You, over there, with the camera. Yer not from the paper, are you? "

Another Great Cop From Fuck Yeah Dementia

Ya Know

The sexiest parts of these old roadshow movies were their posters. Seriously.

Acknowledgments to Life on Mars

Hello, Chief?

This is the last God damned undercover job I do for you!

Many Thanks to Fuck Yeah Dementia

Sphynctra Sighted At Local Bar

Yes, we caught up with our uber-jaunty-gaited fashion model at Squishy's Bar & Grill where she wowed the customers and staff with her stunningly elaborate labial folds. Because this is a family newspaper, this is the only photo of the accommodating fashion plate that we can publish.

Thank You, Fuck Yeah Dementia

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Hanni-Bull

The Emo, self-cannibalizing cow.

Stolen From Fuck Yeah Dementia


Siouxsie, Baby, you had me until you showed me yer almost-nonexistent nipples. I'm goin' home seeya.

From The Blessed Bounty of Life on Mars

Dress Rehearsal

Wayne wanted to know what it would be like to be an anatomically correct transsexual.

Once Again, Thanks to Fuck Yeah Dementia

Honestly, Human

Don't know why you're so interested in the bitches' butts. They don't smell very interesting to me.

Many Thanks to Fuck Yeah Dementia

Whatta Ya Gonna Do, Jackass

Call the Police?

Eternally Grateful to Life on Mars

Thanks A Lot, Ritalin

I think I'm gonna cry.

Via Fuck Yeah Dementia


Yeah, hang on. She's drip-drying her tits. I'll ask her.

Grates to Life on Mars

You Push The Button

And he give you some soft-serve. Chocolate.

Muchos Gracias a Fuck Yeah Dementia

Yer Still Livin', Hon'

Just remind me how an Oreo tastes. Really put your creative writing skills into it. Puh-lease!!!

Via Bohemea

How Many Times I Gotta Tell You!


Thanks Yet Again to Fuck Yeah Dementia

What? I Just Got Comfortable...

...Don't tell me you want to go out again.

Eternally Grateful to Fuck Yeah Dementia

Oh, Yeah, Ralph?

You go for a day with a couple of 7-pound bags attached to your chest, and see how you like it.

Courtesy of Life on Mars

Did Someone Say "Catnip"?

Day's looking up, sho nuff.

Borrowed From Fuck Yeah Dementia

Haters Gonna Hate

Copped from Fuck Yeah Dementia

That's Very Nice, Young Man

It's too bad your package isn't as impressive.

Grazie a Fuck Yeah Dementia

Oh, And That Makes It Okay?


From the Venerable Sex Dog

Had To Take The Batteries Out Of The Fucker

Made the mistake of installing it in the bedroom and every time I was about asleep, the damn thing would go off and wake me up.

Nicked from Sex Dog

An Epiphany For Sluggo

Just figuring that out, Bud?

Source: Sex Dog

For The Pure Unadulterated Beauty Of It

Australian Fairy Wren (note that it is tagged)

Nice Work, Luna Pancake!

He Gets Worse Each Year

Dammit, Kid, we aren't going on this trip without you.

Source: Fuck Yeah Dementia

Yeah, This One's Kinda Weak

Now that Erlene had mastered the gravy boat, she contemplated her next big challenge as she steered her way deftly through the Brown Gravy Tributary.

Via Fuck Yeah Dementia

This Really Doesn't Need Anything Else


Thanks to Fuck Yeah Dementia

Oh, Me

This runny nose is killin' me.

Image Courtesy of Luna Pancake

Please, Bitch

Yer scarin' me, Dude.

From the Awesome Fuck Yeah Dementia

Jeannie! You're Out Of Uniform!

This is the naughtiest picture of Barbara Eden I have ever encountered, and all I gotta say is,


Much Obliged to Life on Mars