Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zappa Wisdom

The man had some wise things to impart to a largely clueless public.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012


More beautiful Asian soft drinkery.

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Not The Disney Version

How "Snow White" goes in my dreams...

From The Bounty That Is Sloth Unleashed

Queen Yang Guey Fei

Reigned in 8th Century China. Renowned for her robust nipples.

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Well, Considering

...where he wants to go...

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Mid-Century Party Crashers

Mark Goetz' abstract art gang crashing a party in 1960 Greenwich Village.

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Queen Goddess Maiya

Throwing up all Creation.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Telling Ya

I can't imagine a more tasty cold breakfast than cornflakes bathed in real cream!

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Dose Lips

Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Hayley Mills.

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Excuse Me

"If my friend can't come, don't look for me to attend."

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Oh Lord

Barney had insisted I come along. I would have been more comfortable if Genevieve had been able to come along. Barney's wife, Ernestine, was making me very uneasy.

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Stay Right There, Madge

"I'm activating the automatic vaginal freshening system. You'll love this. So will Paul."

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Hey, Punk

Don't fuck with me. I'll make a movie about ya.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mary and Joseph Were Expecting

...the Ghost Of Christmas Future, but instead, the Ghost of Halloween Goodtimes showed up.

Swiped from DLYBYWL

A Revolting Display of The Effects of Aging in Men

Men have to get very old to no longer experience sexual arousal or attraction to whatever sex they feel attracted to. And most men tend to put on weight around the waist as they age. The three guys in this photo are, I think, pretty typical. The young woman who is the object of their creepy attentions is being nice in the face of this ugly exhibit. Ladies, how do you do it? 

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The Waste Of Titflesh Drum Corps

The world's least titillating topless band gives a free show in Stockhlom.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mommy, Let's Go There!

What a fabulous name for a restaurant!

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Holy Stretch Limo, Batman

Look at this thing!

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Geez, Dude

Yer breath smells literally like shit!

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Nazi Miracle

Nella was 4th generation Third Reich. At age 19, she began to experience oozings of a white viscous liquid from between her toes. This unguent when applied to the forehead, caused the person to manifest the Nazi mindset; in fact, it was reported that once the substance was absorbed, the person invariably stood and gave the Nazi salute. 

As Nella matured, the flow of this liquid became more and more pronounced until the young woman was producing gallons of the stuff daily. She was co-opted by the local secret Nazi underground, and a grand plan was built around the phenomenonal material. 

Here she is seen attended by her SS lady-in-waiting during one of her daily harvesting sessions.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Who's Impatient?!

Dr. Verheyen wasn't going to let a temporary shortage of cadavers to impede his studies of human anatomy. So, chop, slice, and he had his lower leg exhibit.

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Uh, Yeah

Nice shoes ya got there, Babe. I'll just move your dress outta the way so I can see 'em better.

(Oh my God, has this precocious little girl got the  moves down or what?!)

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Friday, April 6, 2012

I Feel I Have To Apologize, Again

I know my posts of late have been fewer than in past times. Sorry. Really.

I guess I am passing into another "phase" of doing a blog. A phase in which my posting is less frequent and, unfortunately, much less prolific than in the first months of the blog.

I don't see this changing, because, frankly, I am not finding images that inspire me like those that I found in the beginning. I think this is more of a function of my psyche than the material that is out on the Blogosphere.

Nevertheless, I will strive to maintain the level of quality, and I hope to not disappoint.

Thanks, as always, for your kind attentions.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Please Forgive My Impertinence

But my breasts just have to be freed from their fabric prison.

Another Great Steal From DTYBYWL

Lilly (nee Dracula) Munster In Her Youth

Herman was no blockhead, IMHO. Yow!

From The Bounty That Is I Want To Touch Your Face

The First Delivery

...of sex robots arrived in New York today. This is the Bambi model, price tag: $213,595.

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Molly, You Sad Little Poseur

Molly Soda, icon of today's slacker youth. Narcissistic. Hedonistic. On board with any political cause of a liberal nature. Drug abuser. Painted lady. Petulantly hostile.

The poster girl for the Deep As A Dinner Plate gang. 

Alas, she has just as much right as any young person to her time of being "young and stupid".

Great blog, though. ;0)

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mapa Sheefa, Queefing Entertainer Extraordinaire

Ms. Sheefa is at the forefront of a new entertainment phenomenon, Queefonics. She is the premier queefon, able to express incredible scats through her vagina, in some cases, evoking harmonics with her vocal sounding. Concert attendees in the first row report experiencing trance-like states from the enchanting combination of vocal and queef harmonies and the fragrance of the queefon's instrument.


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In Those Days

This was a HUGE TV. Looks to be at least a 27" screen. 

Cheerfully Pillaged from Susi-A

In The 1930s

If ya wanted babes, you became a Swami.

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We're Ready

...for our trip to Easter Island. Our valises are stuffed full with Oreos.

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Screw Your Nifty Packaging

I'll take a Whataburger over your cardboard burgers any day.

Via This Isn't Happiness

Now There's Something You Don't See Everyday

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