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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

They're Anatomically Correct!

Nicked From Mostly Forbidden Zone

I Wish My Dreams Were Like This

Whimsy at Warp 10.

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Pimps Are People, Too

"And to think that now, I work for one! teehee"

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Dialog In Cinema Is Important

Nigel was grateful for the subtitles or he wouldn't have had a clue as to what the roses were shouting.

Indebted to Mustardy Yellow Aura

I Told You

"O.K., Michael, I know I said you would be the one, but I've decided that Frank will sing "I've Told Every Little Star". I hope you understand. He's got ya beat in the hair department..."

Many Thanks to Mustardy Yellow Aura

Even Royalty Deals With These Issues

Is that those damn kids peeing in the garden again?

Grazie to Mustardy Yellow Aura

OK, What Did We Forget?

Pollo Carante was testy that morning. He had rushed Bukake and Sheeni-Chow to get dressed for the Prawn Games, and they were in full "deer-in-the-headlights" mode.

"Come on, ya look fine. The Prawns will be stinking to Buddha's nostrils by the time we get there."

Eternal Gratitude to Sloth Unleashed

Superheroing Was Tough Before Child Labor Laws

"I'm taking a fruit break -- do ya mind?"

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Does This Really Need Anything Else?

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The Prime Directive Fails

Evidence of extraterrestrial cultural contamination: Cheer detergent commercial on Vulcan television.

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Cover Up, Baby

Stockings: the curious case where putting something on is sexier than not.

Thanks a Lot, Sloth Unleashed

Nah -- Ya Think So?

File in the Pretty-Well-Says-It-All pigeonhole.

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Wait Til You See My Pubic Hair

When they said Candy was sweet, they weren't kidding...

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Don't Try To Argue With A Giant Dog

Marcia had just about had it with the preternaturally large mother of her precious Muggles insisting in being all the photos she commissioned.  And my God, you don't just pop an 8 1/2 foot tall mutt in the tub for a bath. Talk about funky.

Much Obliged to Mostly Forbidden Zone

Manny Charlton's Likeness Is Embroidered On The Crotch

Sheila was so excited. She already had Supertramp and Elvin Bishop panty sets. Now her underwear was really rocking and rolling.

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Like He Said

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Monday, September 26, 2011

It'll Keep Your Pecker Up

I'm making some good stiff Joe so that you will be good and stiff, Joe. If ya know what I mean.  
Like you need it.

Much Obliged to RetroZone

Is That A Totally Gorgeous Color For Something You Drink, Or What?

Thanks to Sloth Unleashed

It's Kinda My Hobby, You See

Clarabella joined the Useful Idiots Brigade and got to wear the most chic of togs for her dissemination work.

Thanks Very Kindly, Sloth Unleashed

The Reason You Never Saw Julia Child Do Calamari

Source: Sloth Unleashed

You Think You Can Just Walk Into My Bedroom?

Since you're here, do you like my bumps?
Acknowledgments to Sloth Unleashed

Kroger Topless

All of a sudden, men everywhere wanted to do the grocery shopping.

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Time To Jilt His Red Ass

Either that or go hog wild and enjoy yourself.

More Great Stuff from My 2-Second Shelf Life

We Are Your Friends

Just don't come too close, or we might have to have a knosh on your leg.

Indebted to Mustardy Yellow Aura

Nothing Requiring Effort Is Free -- Someone Always Pays A Price

Who builds the house? -- Who grows the food?  -- Who makes them available to the public at large? The farmer, the builder, the entrepreneur. 

Today's revolutionary knows how to steal, destroy, and pervert.
And partner with government.
Much Obliged To Mustardy Yellow Aura

Hey, Can't Call Us Conformists, Skags

Coz we are 5 - 5 - 5 kinds of cool!
(and all five are Counterculture Committee approved!)

From Those Swells Over At Mustardy Yellow Aura

Are We Cool Yet?

These taste like shit. What's the matter with people?

Much Obliged to Mustardy Yellow Aura

We Represent The Lollipop Guild

"Hi. How's it goin'?"

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It Really Doesn't Take Much To Keep A Boy Happy

Interestingly enough, Warne's put out a "Happy Book For Boys", with the same cover, except the young ladies were in their knickers.

Grazie to Retrogasm

Having The Time Of My Fascist Life!

Horst had just the best times partying with the Hitler Impersonators Gang. Their motto was "The Best Pits and the Wurst Snacks Around". Here we see the boys moshing to a visiting band, The Schicklgrubers.

Image Courtesy of Mostly Forbidden Zone

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is There No Privacy Anymore?!

"Mommy, I know Daddy is having lots of fun with his new camera, but I really like to be by myself when I do my business."

Much Obliged to Sloth Unleashed

Holy Cow, You Guys ARE Outta Touch

Jock and Chad had been bachelors for a l-o-n-n-n-n-g time. A little too long.

Image from Sloth Unleashed

Sir, I Insist You Identify Yourself

"I am the Doctor."
"The Doctor? Doctor who?"

From The Bounties of Sloth Unleashed

You Should See My Armpits

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best. ” Frida Kahlo

 "--besides, I have the cutest little uni-brow." Frida again

Gracias a Sloth Unleashed

For The Good Of The Community

Peggy finally took care of the next door neighbor kid tromping through her azaleas. 

Obliged to Sloth Unleashed

You Got Me Where Ya Want Me Now, Bitch

But yer face is looking more and more like a litter box to me. And you gotta sleep sometime.

Courtesy of My 2-Second Shelf Life

What A Stern That Baby Had

Bertha, or "Bertie" as she liked to be called, was a big gal, brassy, and knew her way around a rig. She was a little too uh robust for my tastes so I didn't pay much attention to her. Besides, you couldn't tell an awful lot about her corpus with the dungarees and work shirts she was always seen in. Then, that morning. The crew had worked a really late night laying in the equipment for port, and I thought I was the first up. I came up on deck and I'll be damned if I didn't see a whole new side to Bertie.

Obliged to VintageGal

Wins The Award For Tackiest Pet Product of the Year

But ya gotta admit, it may be the answer to a pet that has taken to drinking out of the toilet.

Thanks to Kitschy Kitschy Coo

Every Freewheeling Night Ends In A Head-Crushing Morning

"Someone shut those goddamed critters up. I am nursing America's Largest hangover this instant. Oh, Nelly!"

Image courtesy of Sloth Unleashed

No Fool Like An Old Fool

Because Lord help if my own appetites have to be sublimated to your petty welfare. 

Many Thanks to Junk Yard Doll

Let's You And Me Fight!

Dude, she is your wife.

Source: Junk Yard Doll

Well, When You Put It That Way

Does it look like I care if you see them?

Merci Beaucoup a Junk Yard Doll

The Proud, The Bad, The-Soon-To-Be-Adjusted

And we are the CIA-trained kids that are about to beat you to within an inch of your lives...

Thank you, Junk Yard Doll

They Don't Call Her Jackie O. For Nuthin'

Here's a little music for you. Quite catchy, and unusual for its vintage and rather obvious sexual overtones. I mean, c'mon, folks, you ain't foolin' anybody. This kind of startlingly unexpected prurience is what I like to find in music I choose for my sets on Blip.FM.

For Better Or Worse, At Least They Know With Sex Education

June had been attempting to have sex with her new husband for a week now, and was still mystified that he wasn't peeing into her butt like she had heard on the playground in first grade.

Another tip of the hat to Mostly Forbidden Zone

The Most Interesting Man In The World

Now, he's doing ads for The Mysoginist Club.

Source: Mostly Forbidden Zone

No, I Just Can't Poop!

Muchas Gracias a Mostly Forbidden Zone