Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Never Knew Olive Had Any Competition

But given that Susan is 100,000 times prettier than Olive, has a late 20th Century look, and probably is several cup sizes bigger, I would be plenty worried if I were her.

Klept From Grottu Orloff's Pad!

OK, Lady

Now, let's see ya change from beast back to beauty, alright?

Cheerfully Pillaged From Grottu Orloff's Pad!

I Really Appreciate The Clean-up Down There

God knows, I can't even remember the last time I had a bath.

Grates to Grottu Orloff's Pad!

Aerodynamically Absurd

Unless you are Gerry Anderson, perhaps.

Image Courtesy of Grottu Orloff's Pad!

You Shit-Eating Hussy!

We'll teach you for daring to be prettier than us.

From The Bounty That Is Grottu Orloff's Pad!

Have The PC Police Torn This Down Yet?

Don't know where this is, but I'm certain it's not in Texas.

Swiped From Grottu Orloff's Pad!

It's Hard To Be Impressed With Satan

Since he obviously is obsessed with this one little crappy rock in some Universe backwater.

Grazie a Grottu Orloff's Pad!

This Could Be A Picture Of Me

I had that microscope. Boy, was it fun.

Much Obliged to Retrogasm

Monday, February 27, 2012

Slatterns At Large

Rene and Bunny look as if they just got back from the abortionist's.

Muchas Gracias a Grottu Orloff's Pad!

It's Not What It Looks Like

Really, we can explain.

Via Grottu Orloff's Pad!

Look, Everybody!

Medusa's got a new 'do! Er, I feel -- kinda -- stra -- uhhhh.

Many Thanks to Grottu Orloff's Pad!

What You Being So

petit four?

Much Obliged to Aliens and Ice Cream

Oh Mah God

Is this sweet, or what?!

Nicked From Aliens and Ice Cream

Trilobite Case

By  Alexander McQueen and Samsonite.

Courtesy of Aliens and Ice Cream

The Neighborhood Watch Team

Agnes and Muriel kept the bad guys away by sheer force of their personalities.

Many Thanks to Aliens and Ice Cream

The Strange

patter of Kara-Kum, Polish Master of Horror.

Cheerfully Pillaged from It's Not Safe Here

Watch Out, Bad Guys

Roger's about to take his proton pill.

Nicked From Retrogasm

For The Fergusons

Alcoholism runs in the family. They start 'em as soon as they can walk. In the Ferguson clan, beer, as well as bourbon and gin, belongs. You betcha!

Oh, and don't forget Bowser!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Casper The Naughty Ghost

Casper decides to venture into porn for a few extra bucks.

Muchas Gracias a Retrogasm

Darla Was A Victim

...of her own overuse of Botox. Nevertheless, Vinnie adored her. And no one dare insult Darla.

Many Thanks to It's Not Safe Here

So I Sez To Her

"'Darlin', if I were you, I wouldn't take the term 'dummy' too literally with my case. My maker was very generous when he fashioned certain of my anatomical aspects,' And I winked at her. 'I am actually rather over-endowed for my size. I have pleasured the lovely ladies of the chorus line at the Palace Theater and The Opera in Kirksville. I have also kept company with London royalty, and am one of the few to bring Queen Victoria to the climax. So please do not make the mistake of thinking that, because I am wooden, that I do not have the means to satisfy m'lady.' That did the trick. Oh, and she was lovely, indeed, my friends."

Nicked From Sloth Unleashed

Feed Her A Drumstick

Bitches love drumsticks.

(I mean, look at that leer)

Courtesy of Retrogasm

More Like Vomit-Inducing

A combination sure to gag....

Cheerfully Pillaged from Retrogasm

Hello, Sweetie? It's The Prince

"I need another kiss ASAP. Can you come over to Main and Stark. I'll be next to the phone box. I retained my human size, but, well, you know what to expect. Yeah, thanks, Kiddo. I'll make it worth your while."

Grazie a Sloth Unleashed

Don't Get Too Excited, Dude

One look at you and she'll be off to find another sucker.

(BTW, why did you bother to clothe her?)

Much Obliged to Retrogasm

Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay, I Admit It

Having lost my job has taken the wind out of my sails somewhat. I haven't posted much new stuff, and what I have posted, IMO, is not up to my par.

But, I promise you I will get back in form in a week or so, so I beg your indulgence while I get back up to speed.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cecilia Upgrades

She finally did it. She had been meaning to switch from air cooling to water cooling for her brain for years now.

Via Retrogasm

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Of My Personal Faves

As a kid (back in the late 1950s), I was totally fascinated with the cars that Detroit was turning out. They were absolutely beautiful and there was no way you could mistake one make for another. They all had their unique designs. The 1959 Oldsmobile was one of my favorite of the bevy of gorgeous machines from that year. Just look at that baby!

Courtesy of Farbor Sid

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Picture of Elvis Presley and Larry Domasin Riding A Bike

Who the fuck is Elvis Presley?

Via Lushlight

They Call Me Marty


Grazie a Fuck Yeah Dementia!

Would You Like

...some burger with your pickles, Sir?

Swiped From Fuck Yeah Dementia!

I Am Very Appreciative For The Lift

 "Now, please drop me off at the Starbucks coming up."

Much Obliged to Fuck Yeah Dementia!

Master, The Prisoners Are Making A Mess Of My Dungeon

"And their toileting habits are just not to be believed!"

Eternally Grateful to Lushlight

Yo, Dawg, I Love The BBWs

Big, Beautiful, White.

Courtesy of Fuck Yeah Dementia!

My Partner In Mischief

"Orville, I wish we could be there when they cut into that pie and discover it is full of carp heads."

Many Thanks to Lushlight

You Listen A-me, Bungo

"I'm young. I'm callow. I like my wine. But I like my work, too. You got something you want done, you come to Giscard. Then you forget about it. It's done. No, my friend, you must look at me closer. I am as good as my word. I don't fuck around."

Many Thanks to La Soledad del Disenador de Fondo

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Nice Little Over-The-Shoulder

of an unidentified late 50s Cadillac sedan.

Many Thanks to Tiki Pop

Well, Then, Do Us A Favor, Lady

How about switching to the other one, because the one ya got showing ain't too pretty.

Nicked From A 1000 Broken Dreams

What A Naughty Pup

Doris thought, "I must remember to give Delilah the leftover T-bone. Good dog!"

From The Bounty That Is It's Not Safe Here

They Found Her

...wandering the neighborhood in a disoriented state, repeating the day's NORAD callword over and over.

Grates to It's Not Safe Here

Before You Invest Everything In Her Beauty

Have a look at before and after for the once-enchanting Anita Ekberg. 

Many Thanks to Mitten Drinnen

Beautiful Things That Men Made

With the proper amount of money, you may buy beautiful things that men made. Without it, you must settle for the beautiful things that God made.

However, even if you lack the requisite lucre, you may cultivate the fine art of enjoying that which you don't possess, and enjoy both.

Courtesy of An Exquisite Paradox

Friday, February 17, 2012