Sunday, June 18, 2017

Having A Bad Year

Seaman Zarpa had made it his personal mission to resist all female buttocks.

But, by the time he tore open the domicile of Sheely Mangina just to get a look at her half-exposed ass, he was 13-0 in his fight against fanny. And fanny was winning.

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Is this Bad, Or What?!

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Not Quite

Turns out, after Claire's answering of the personal ad from a "devotee of Ancient Egypt", the actual tryst did not quite live up to her expectations.

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Man, I'm Jonesin'

...for some Pilsner Korv. Make it a Bullens!

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Dogs, Absolutely Honest

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Don't Be Fooled

This slip of a thing is nothing but pure, orgasmic trouble.

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Naughty Snow White

"Oh, you little fuckers. Oh, you're so good with those little hands. Babies, babies."

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Hot Stuff

What Tim and Pete didn't realize was that Chummy was showing them this dirty book so that he could observe the effect that their erections had on the flies of their pants.

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Please, Mommy

Mommy, it followed me home. Can I keep it. Please!

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This Man Knows

...what Evil is.

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At The Palladium

Stool Rock band Dirty Midget! No! No! Well drinks, $2. Doors open 7:00 pm.

Management will not be responsible for offenses to olfactory senses.

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This Is

...just too damn cute not to post.

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Can We Possibly Get More Stupid?

God, I hate the cartoons today.

Oh, except for Rick and Morty!

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What Can I Expect On Hot Buttered Groat Clusters?

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Friday, June 16, 2017

What a Beauty

This is obviously a photo taken recently with a retro theme.

And the girl is certainly attractive.

But the real beauty is this restored 1955 T-Bird.


Many thanks to Vintage Geek Culture

Looks Like 80s Animation To Me

Pretty cool stuff.

Many thanks to Vintage Geek Culture

Helen, Baby

I think it is safe to say that a nipple is a small thing. And the outline of the stem of Helen's nipples is rather subtle, but for young men and post-pubescent boys of the time, the impact of seeing this depiction had to have been enormous.

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Male Telephone Fantasy

Yeah, you know that this is one of the situations that drove Bell Telephone research scientists onward toward a videophone.

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I like posting things that are clearly impossible and unbelievable.

For instance...

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Death Had Met His Match

Death had come for Polly, and Polly was happier than a pig in shit. She tried to get Death to join her in a celebration drink. 

But the Death Angel was just flummoxed by the girl's lack of dread.

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I Got Chappy Here

"...because he reminds me of you so much. Uh, well, he reminds me of a PART of you, that is."

< giggles >

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Mama Mia

I am thinking this is from "Some Like It Hot". I think the wardrobe folks cut the sheerness in the neckline absolutely as close to nipples as possible. Even without those darling spigots, the fullness of Marilyn's breasts is exhilarating.

Stolen from Dubas

I'm With You There

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It's All About Presentation

Yeah, real, full nudes are nice. But I find a near-nude presentation such as this very compelling. The balance of what you see and what you cannot see is perfect. The suggestion of the uncovering with any movement is strong and arousing.

I love this picture.

Many thanks to Dubas

Thursday, June 15, 2017

GIFs Are Fun!

Many thanks to Vintage Vixen Obsessed

An Old Favorite

"For me?! It's darling!"

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Accidental Nudity

The best nudity, in my opinion, is accidental and generally on public display.

This girl is clearly oblivious to how her breasts are escaping her top.

Quite nice.

Many thanks to Retrozone


Worst bat transformation effect ever.

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Porn Alert!

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Before or After?

Carol Doda, famous for getting one of the earliest breast augmentations.

So, am I to believe that this is a picture of her AFTER that surgery. The sag in her breast tissue is uncharacteristic of breast implants.

I am more likely to think this is a BEFORE pic. And, frankly, I like them this way.

Many thanks to Retrozone

Over Achiever

"Honey, you do more for us lads than all of our wives put together.

And you ain't even got legs!"

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Make A Robot for 1970s TV

Short-lived sci-fi comedy TV show, "Holmes and YoYo", from 1976.

In those days, to make a robot, just tape a couple of calculators to the actor's stomach.

Stolen from Vintage Geek Culture

Do You Feel Lucky?

"Well, do ya, Punky?"

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Best Cyclops Ever

Pulled from Vintage Geek Culture


Exposed luscious thighs, check.
Erect nipples and cleavage, check.
Evil, sensuous facial expression, check.

Pre-flight check successful.  Cleared for take-off.

Stolen from Vintage Geek Culture

Madame Strange

She was monikered Strange because of a multitude of eccentricities she exhibited. Here are some of those:

1) she was fond of Poo Cookies;
2) she always covered her navel in public;
3) she was quite fond of white shirts and would touch them whenever she saw them, no matter who was wearing them;
4) she would listen only to Liberace on her stereo.

That only touches the surface of her manias.

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Yes, the gathering of nubile, naked bodies had sent out an invisible beacon to the eye harpies, who showed up to torment the nudists with their shame-rays.

Pillaged from Vintage Geek Culture

Tits On Rockets

The Valkyries thought of their targets while the warmth of the rocket engines caressed their breasts.

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It's Okay, Baby

With a body like yours, you must use its sex components as much as possible in order for them not to rust.

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You Got It, Bob

Robert Mitchim seems to not know what to do with Simone Sylva at Cannes. What American woman in the early 1950s would appear topless in public.


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nuff Said?

Many thanks to Ghastly Delights

A Little Taste

...of the pre-code movie, "Search For Beauty", made in the last year of non-Hays-code filmmaking, and packing all the titillation it could into about an hour.

As you may be able to tell, the bathing suits these dancers are wearing are realllll thin.

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A Reminder not pick up hitchhikers.

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Don't Be Fooled

Johnny is terrified of trains.

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Offhand Conversation

"Hey, Night Demon."
"Hey, Nightmare. Whatcha up to?"
"Oh, just getting ready to relieve you."

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Nice For A Change

"Oh well", thought Marcy. "At least it's my blood he wants and not my pussy."

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