Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Favorite "Family Circus"

Of course, this is one of Gil Sonic's bastardizations thereof.

Many Thanks to Monster Man

No Picture

I have recently come upon some of my older posts for which the link to the image no longer can be resolved. So, no picture.

Whenever I find these, I will remove the post.

My apologies to those who find only the caption for a particular post. I hate that.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Of The Wicked Bastardizations

...of classic ads done by the awesome SomethingAwful.com.

Happily Pillaged from Mitten Drinnen

Boomer Kids

This is the archetypal terror situation for a 50s boy or girl. Dad's a milkman and Mom is throwing him outta the house.

Eternally Grateful to Mitten Drinnen

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coming Your Way

The perfect post card for you.

Can't Get Enough of Mitten Drinnen

Charles, Get Yer Ass Down Here

"Ab Fab" is on in 10 minutes, Hon'.

Stolen From Mitten Drinnen

Can You Possibly

...be any sicker than this?

Courtesy of Mitten Drinnen

Oh Yeah?

Don't count on any nookie tonight, Jackass.

Many Thanks to Mitten Drinnen

Oh, Please, Sir, Buy A Flower From Me

My poor old mother can no longer sell her body to buy us food. I give green stamps.

Many Thanks to Cosmic Machine

Pull Up A Chair

We're having horse crap tonight, Boys!

Many Thanks to Engrish Funny


Oh, when will we do something about these tragic deaths.

Via Tofutti Break

For Those Of You Who Haven't Owned A Yugo

Detail of stereo sound system dashboard controls.

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Doctor's Bills

...for the STDs alone would bankrupt you.

Much Obliged to Tofutti Break

Hmmm, Right

Yeah, that's just what they look like.

Much Obliged to Tofutti Break

Your Face Is Unbearable To Me, Human

Let me fix it.

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Anorexia, Anorexia, Anorexia, Anorexia...

There is such a thing as too thin. Ask Karen Carpenter.

Happily Pillaged from Mustardyellowaura

Hey, Fucker

I tripped over your fatass ego on the way in. How 'bout movin' it over a few feet, Churl.

Via Mustardyellowaura

What Have You Been Smoking, Babe?

I honestly do not know where these idiots get the notion that conservative folk (like myself) hate minorities and gay people. Sure, we don't fall down on our knees and worship their "otherness". I have no problem with any of these groups (or individuals within), but I don't like having their differentness flung in my face like they are daring me to be unpleasant towards them. Give me a fucking break.

Much Obliged to Mustardyellowaura

Topless Witches Gone Wild

How about that 18th Century porn?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Well, Since You Asked

Actually, you remind me of pussy more than dick, but we won't quibble over equipment concerns.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

This Cat Knows Where It's At, Baby

You've seen the video.

Courtesy of Luna Pancake!

You White People Be A Mystery

They're more excited by the coffee than the fact that there is an erect, clothed cow serving it.

Many Thanks to Luna Pancake!

Shut Up

...and eat your Cheerios.

Much Obliged to Astral Eyes

Sphata Culture

Bollaspanatika! I believe I am ready to implant the Svorcch device. Will you come and check my kaashvah. It is oozing, but I am not sure it is quite effulgent enough as yet. No, my sweet berazzda, you will olfactorize it soon and swoon from the pheromones. 

Many Thanks to Astral Eyes

Impossibly Alluring

Yeah, it's true. She doesn't look like she's a rocket scientist by any means. But she is a sexual genius because not only does she have wonderful, er, attributes, she also has a Betty-Boopish kind of facial charm that no heterosexual man would be able to resist. 

A real eye treat, oh yeah.

From The Auspices of Atompunk

Isn't This Lovely?

A straight guy can't appreciate beautiful clothes? Don't you believe it.

From The Bounty That Is Atompunk

The Future

Where superheros will be named after strippers.

Via Atompunk

Yeah, Just What I Want

A date with a Vivian Vance look-alike.

Many Thanks to Atompunk

Just Because

It's such a cool picture. Enjoy.

Nicked From It Is Not Safe Here

Tonight On ABC

Real Housewives of Graveyard Junction.

Via It Is Not Safe Here

The Lovely Paulette

This photo is clearly from the early 1930s, and the lady therein is French. But her presentation and the lusciousness of her corpus is rather anachronistic, especially given the un-30s-like design of the dress she is wearing.

What a cutie.

Courtesy of It Is Not Safe Here

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jehovah's Witnesses

This is how JW's look in my nightmares.

Happily Pillaged from It Is Not Safe Here

Kinda Like

Using a flame thrower to light a cigarette. Or a sledgehammer to press a button. Whew. The kid will be a zombie.

Many Thanks to It's Not Safe Here

The Glennistons Get Down

The Glenniston family was a gloomy lot til Rock Botticelli knocked on their door. The independently wealthy young man rolled in one of his multi-thousand dollar juke boxes loaded with all the latest rock and roll hits, and set it for unlimited free play. The foursome perked up and began to move and groove with the music. Rock had done his good deed for the day so he had a beer at Barlebys and drove with Peaches to lover's lane. Life was good.

Many Thanks to Doo Wop Daisy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

As Opposed To What?

Sandwich filling?

Much Obliged to Dry Toasts

Nightmarish Sexual Media

Is there anyone out there that does not find this movie(?) poster disturbing?

Many Thanks to Dry Toasts

This Was Functional?

A lot of these old ads serve to portray the transportation technology long ago. The design of these is often so crude-looking in comparison to the counterparts of today as to make one wonder if they in fact worked.  I mean look at this thing! It looks to be too small and insecure to provide solid get-around. 

Nevertheless, people got about on such things.

Many Thanks to Retro-a-rama

In The Year 1970

This goofy little prediction of styles in the later 20th century from the Thirties actually looks pretty nifty to my eyes. Wondering where the electric cord is for the lights, though.

Many Thanks to Hoodoo That Voodoo

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Topless Picnic

First, we eat. Then, we eat.

Much Obliged to Retrozone

What Next, Brave New World?

So, now that same-sex marriage seems to be inevitable, what can we expect next from the enlightened social forces? Polygamy legalized? Well, why the hell not?!?

Many Thanks to Retrozone

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Sound Of Music On Acid

My idea of the perfect movie for Saturday 2:30 am.

Much Obliged to Bleeding Brains

Hannah The Republican

This was my 5th girl friend, Hannah. I wanted someone a little more conventional than the mutants I had been dating. Yesiree, she was a lot of fun.

Many Thanks to Bleeding Brains

Paranormal Pickpocket

The Wampa-Pagnet, a human mutation that has some very unique paranormal powers, and an appetite for ordinary things such as money. A lovely thief to look at.

Many Thanks to Moth Milk

Momma Mia

Photographed by Yul Brenner.

Many Thanks to Susi-A

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Be Minnesotans Now!

Been offline for a bit as we moved from Houston, Texas to Northfield, Minnesota. 

After we get settled a bit, I promise I will get back to posting.

Never fear.