Sunday, October 30, 2011

It Not Only One

"Swallow", The Drink Whose Name Is The Instructions!

Much Obliged to Engrish Funny

What Am I Reading Now?

Thank You, It's Not Safe Here

And Recycling.

Don't forget recycling.

Grazie a Mustardy Yellow Aura

Violet Delight

Occasionally, I really like a bit of natural color. Colors in nature never clash.

Image Courtesy of Pupuce67

Hey, Mister, What Do I Have To Do...?

To get you to tell me what you think of my bumps?

Via Hoodoo That Voodoo

You Look A Bit Undone, Bubby

No matter. I was just coming in to ask your opinion of my new hat.

Many Thanks to Hoodoo That Voodoo

No Greater Opportunity Than

A bored floozie.

Source: Hoodoo That Voodoo

Admit It

You wish this was "scratch 'n sniff".

Via Hoodoo That Voodoo

My Friends Call Me Muffy

Enough to go around, I trust?

Thankful to Turhan's Bey Company

Oh You Kid

Vampira, doing one of her favorite things: torturing vegetables.

Via Grottu Orloff's Pad!


What sick bastard came up with this one?

Courtesy of Grottu Orloff's Pad!

I've Got It All

I'm smoking, I'm drinking, I'm a little chunky, and I'm wearing singularly unflattering clothes. Welcome to my Fifties world.

Much Obliged to Grottu Orloff's Pad!

Alyssa, Girlfriend, Listen Up!

Call my mom and tell her I am staying at a friend's tonight.

Via Grottu Orloff's Pad!

They're A Little Shy

They would really like to come out but they are afraid you might not like them.  A reassuring squeeze from you might help. No obligation though, Teddy.

Source: Grottu Orloff's Pad!

They're All Thinking The Same Thing

"Gosh, you really do know how to use that thing!"

Much Obliged to Happenstance

Before The Firebombing

Many Thanks to Luna Pancake

Pillars of the Community

Chippie and Schmendrick were icons of San Francisco's Gay Community. They believed and practiced that in-your-face flamboyance that was so popular at the time. All the "girls" were thrilled when the couple was asked to join the President's Council On Glamour and Effeteness, in positions which paid little, but which accrued massive "progressive credits" for the community.

Everybody nearly died from the leg-tingling.

Courtesy of Luna Pancake

Saturday, October 29, 2011

And So I Said

"Honey, I may be a dog, but I don't dress like a dog."

Once Again, Thanks to Sloth Unleashed

A Bit Of A Slowdown

I will be working almost every day next week at my day job, so I will not be able to post as often as I have and as I would like to.

This will no doubt change the week after and over the intervening weekend I will be working furiously to keep my posting up to a decent level.

Please bear with me because I am committed to keeping this blog highly active.


Friday, October 28, 2011

I Welcome Your Comments

I invite you to leave me any comments regarding specific posts that you like, or a particular type of post that you would like to see more of.

I will try to answer any requests you might have.

Any feedback is welcome.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When you have a medical emergency, be sure to ask 911 to send an EMS bicycle unit, not one of those death-spewing ambulances.

Thanks, Again, to Mustardy Yellow Aura

After All

Abortions ain't cheap.

Courtesy of Mustardy Yellow Aura

I'll Do Better Than That

If you'll lose Mr. Frowny there.

Courtesy of Grottu Orloff's Pad!

I Can Haz Cheesburger?

Lord, Lord, when will they come to Houston?

Source: Grottu Orloff's Pad!

Ricky Rocket, Alien Exterminator

"Did I hear ya say you're having trouble with space aliens, Ma'am?"

Image Courtesy of Grottu Orloff's Pad!

Barney Hits The Road

That was it. The last reason to keep that smelly, nasty man around. Thank you, Del Monte!

Many Thanks to The Mad Vortex

These Tools That Let Us Fly (And Live)

We can't help but be beautiful and impressive. It is in our design, and concomitant with our function. We work together to allow you to soar above your habitat and to live to return to it.

Grateful Acknowledgment to Happenstance

My Tasty Little Tidbit

Chaaga-Hootna demanded the offering of a virgin maiden each day about lunchtime.

Much Obliged to Retrophile's Oasis

The Pleasures of A Simpler Time

When the fridge was meat central. And hitting it in the middle of the night was no problema.

Once Again, Thanks to Happenstance


You mean, an opportunity to misspell? (you dipshit)

Many Thanks to Happenstance

Actually, Not Half As Much As...

...remarking to a Muslim woman that "It's kinda hot for a scarf, doncha think?"

Eternally Indebted to Happenstance

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And Why Not?

You're not gonna let his hands anywhere near your tits until the sap is married to you.

Nicked from You're Horrible

Bloody Hell In Space

"Menstruation Wave imminent. Deploy Maxi-Shields."

Grazie a You're Horrible

Jimbo The Hotdogger

Jimmy waited patiently for the spanish fly he had sneaked onto the girls' hot dogs to take effect.

Many Thanks to Grottu Orloff's Pad!

A Peek At Mickey's Porn

A little creepy, IMO, but who knows the taste of a rodent.

Source: Grottu Orloff's Pad!

The Ugly Truth

And I'm a cat person!

Lifted From Sloth Unleashed

The DT Follies

The dancing liquor bottles were back. Ernest knew it was time once again to check into rehab.

Via It's Not Safe Here

Maybe You Could Find A Nice Girl

"After all, you're the best fag hag a guy could ever hope to have!"

Much Obliged to It's Not Safe Here

I Was Checking Over The Books

Would you mind explaining what this transfer from the doggie treat account to your personal compensation account is about?

Muchas Gracias a Happenstance

The Law Of Attractiveness

We are at our most attractive when we are involved in a committed relationship--however, this is the time to absolutely resist the temptation to take advantage.

To do otherwise is to court heartbreak and bitter regret.

Image Courtesy of

Duck With A 'tude

Once Again, Thanks to Happenstance

It's Such A Beautiful Day...

...that I thought I would give Pussy some air.

Many Thanks to La Soledad del Disenador de Fondo

I Hate This Stuff!

And I thought this crap was bad in liquid form...

Much Obliged to Sloth Unleashed

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