Sunday, February 26, 2012

So I Sez To Her

"'Darlin', if I were you, I wouldn't take the term 'dummy' too literally with my case. My maker was very generous when he fashioned certain of my anatomical aspects,' And I winked at her. 'I am actually rather over-endowed for my size. I have pleasured the lovely ladies of the chorus line at the Palace Theater and The Opera in Kirksville. I have also kept company with London royalty, and am one of the few to bring Queen Victoria to the climax. So please do not make the mistake of thinking that, because I am wooden, that I do not have the means to satisfy m'lady.' That did the trick. Oh, and she was lovely, indeed, my friends."

Nicked From Sloth Unleashed


  1. Puts a whole new meaning to "having a woodie"

  2. LOL! Yeah. Just look at the little peckerwood!

    Thanks for the comment, Bud.