Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Wonder Who You Are

I appreciate greatly those of you who have taken an interest in my blog. 

I see that my viewers are from all over the world. You come to my blog perhaps quite accidentally by virtue of a certain search string.

Perhaps you do not speak English.

Whatever the case, I am happy you came through, and I hope that you are intrigued enough to venture beyond the post that your search landed you on.

I encourage you to leave a comment, if just to say "Hello". 

You are always welcome here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh My Gosh, Cousin Myrtle

Was that the only bikini top you had. Bless your heart, you look like you're freezing. If you want to finish your tea, I can warm your boobs for you.

Much Obliged to DeScepter

The Skull Is Not Moving

Yo mama is.

Many Thanks to DeScepter

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Gong Show, Uncensored

Much Obliged to I'll Tumblr For Ya

If Barack Obama Can Have It

" God, I can, too!"

Happily Pillaged From I'll Tumblr For Ya

No, You Imbecile

"Your penis will not be able to unbutton my blouse."

Nicked From I'll Tumblr For Ya

Mike Tyson Bus Ad Campaign Deemed Highly Successful

"Let me smell your bunny plug, Bitch."

Via I'll Tumblr For Ya

We Relish What We Do

"We shove the poles in the holes, People."

Courtesy of I'll Tumblr For Ya

Yes, I Have Breasts Under This


Much Obliged to I'll Tumblr For Ya

When Ernest Was Working

He couldn't help feeling warm and, yes, toasty.

Many Thanks to I'll Tumble For Ya

Monday, June 25, 2012

Well, You Will Be Laughing

...out the other side of your ass when you see us nekkid, Buster.

Another Great Steal from Tack-O-Rama

Tapered For Easy Insertion

Isaly's Petroleum Suppositories, tapered and chilled for easy insertion, with free insertion tool. Hans Liederhosen says "Ja, give your sphincter a treat. Give it an Isaly's!"

They're whipped for your comfort.

Via Tack-O-Rama

Bring Your Raincoat

Courtesy of Tack-O-Rama

Hermione Was Amazed By The Ingenuity

"A toilet with a seat and a cover! Why had we not thought of that before?"

Many Thanks to Tack-O-Rama

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Gonna Breastfeed This Here Snake

And ain't none of you bastards gonna stop me!

Much Obliged to Rally Killer

Mr. Harvey Spoojmuncher

Winner of the 2011 Annual Creative Cursing Grand Prix

Many Thanks to Rally Killer

Jack Shepard T-Shirt #244

Stolen From Lemonade Stand

Everybody's A Mechanic

"Dude, you're flooding the carbeurator."

Much Obliged to Lemonade Stand

When I Came To

I found an amusement park in my front yard. And my quest for something fun to do that sultry summer night complete.

Eternally Grateful to Lemonade Stand

Yer Doin' It Wrong, Kittie

Pussy was an absolute fanatic about grooming.

Courtesy of Lemonade Stand

Thought This Was Absolutely Freaking Cool

Many Thanks to Lemonade Stand

Are You Okay, Mister?

I passed out at the topless club. When I came to, I nearly passed out again.

Much Obliged to RockyRakoon

Yeah, I Was Thinkin'

I'd choke on my vomit. You?

Courtesy of RockyRakoon

For God's Sake, Dude, Look At Her!

Many Thanks to RockyRakoon

Before 155 Channels

Yes, you are definitely aging yourself if you recognize what this is. Back in the days of broadcast TV, you hated to see this test pattern/notice screen appear on your set. It means you were missing part of your program while the boys at the station house frantically worked to resolve the problem. 

"Damn. And Sheena was about to lean over..."

Many Thanks to Thizizit

Cutting It Awfully Close There, Jayney

Jayne Mansfield about to have an accident. But, just between you and me, she had pissant little nipples.

Many Thanks to Turhan's Bey Company

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nice Pooper

The rear end of a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. Sweet.

Klept From Simple Dreams

You Like My Wallpaper, Darling?

"I just love dressing in front of you."

From The Bounty That Is Simple Dreams

The Absolutely Sexiest

Photo of Lauren Bacall Ever.

Much Obliged to Simple Dreams

Solange Thumbs A Ride

Her umbrella ran out of gas.

Eternally Grateful to Simple Dreams

And, I'm So Cool

...that I just threw up in your purse and you don't care -- Gidget.

Smuggled Out Of Simple Dreams

Oh, Good

I have been needing to have my filmth eaten for weeks now.

Via Simple Dreams

I'm So Cool

...I just crapped my pants, and I'm not the least bit concerned -- Joey.

Nicked From Simple Dreams

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For Lack Of A Comma

"Sorry you have such a low opinion of yourself, Bud. Are you Russian or something?"

Courtesy of Emotional Baggage

Like I Needed To Tell You This

You know the drill.

Many Thanks to Emotional Baggage

Consumer Joe

Loves the taste of beer in his 'stache.

Many Thanks to Eat My Crayola

Like I Was Saying

Happily Pillaged From Low Down Coyote

We Like To Call This

Horseback Riding With Many Pendulous Objects

Shit, Dennis

Sorry I missed your soiree.

Many Thanks to Low Down Coyote