Monday, August 27, 2012

20,000 Page Views, Babies!

Early this morning, the ticker that tallies pageviews ticked over to 20,000. A major milestone for this little blog, and just a few days before its first anniversary.

Thank you all so much for you interest and visitations. I appreciate it so much, and I promise to increase postings in the coming weeks.

Cheers and celebration!

Chef's Delight

Mrs. Arno Simka-Pavonne of Squatprocess, N.C., won the 1st prize for the best peccary pie in the State. Besides a $1000 gift card from Full of Shirt, she also is allowed to use the Mississippi for a latrine for an entire year.

Courtesy of Retrozone

Sally, After "The Unearthly"

‎"Tor (Johnson) was a real challenge to my trying to stick to my fashion model diet. That man could eat everything you threw at him and make you want to join in."

Many Thanks to Retrozone

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Folks, sorry that there has been so little activity on the blog of late. I have been posting to Facebook instead of HBGCs because on FB you tend to get immediate feedback, and I really like feedback.

But I have decided that I will take any new material I put on FB and put a copy on the blog. And from henceforth, any new material I put on FB, I will duplicate here.

So don't despair. I am not losing interest. I have plenty of inspiration left, and I will do justice to the blog in upcoming days.

Thanks for your attentions! :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Really Crappy Movie Alert

This is a very short clip from Jerry Warren's last movie, "Frankenstein Island". It is seriously bad, but in an entertaining way. This is a sample of the <cough, cough> special effects.

Even this gif is crappy, and the repeating action drops out for minutes, and then returns. Word to the wise.

Happily Pillaged from Sloth Unleashed

Yet More Proof

That when you see the text "Ex Libris" on an etching, expect a naked lady somewhere in the work.

More Awesome Stuff from Sloth Unleashed

But, Mr. Phantom

It hurts so good when you do it.

Much Obliged to Sloth Unleashed

Now That's What I'm Talkin' About

What a sweet bit of concept car engineering this one is. Would love to see a view of the front of the car. Looks like a Caddy variation.

Courtesy of Sloth Unleashed

Dat Ass

Don't know who she was, but they knew how to do butts in the 60s, fosho.

Many Thanks to Sloth Unleashed

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thanks, Sister

We always wondered if you were allowed to keep your tits.

Many Thanks to Low Down Coyote

They Only Show Up After You've Gone To Bed

Many Thanks to Tack-O-Rama

Young Human

That is a very delicious-looking butt-sausage you have ejected. Would you mind letting me have it. I really am in need of a snack. Oh, it is very pungent.

Much Obliged to Bleeding Brains

Hi There

I think you may be lost. You've stumbled into my bathroom. I was just admiring myself in the steamed up mirror. Please leave or I will have to kill you.

Courtesy of Bleeding Brains

Doot Doot Doo

...lookin' out my back door!

Many Thanks to Bleeding Brains

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Best Results

...are obtained with adult female subjects in low cut dresses.

Many Thanks to Tofutti Break

Dashboards Have Always Fascinated Me

Dashes began to get more interesting in the later 50s. This is one from a 1958 Ford, featuring the curved overhang and the bubble at the steering wheel, a classic form that survives to today's cars.

Via Luna Pancake!

This Never Happens

If this isn't staged, you can kill me.

Courtesy of Luna Pancake!

Concept Car Fail

Plymouth XNR
No matter how you turn it, this is one ugly behemoth.

Courtesy of Luna Pancake!

For God's Sake, Ted

Put some Vaseline Intensive Care on them, puh-lease! And clip those nails. For heavens' sake, Man, didn't your Momma teach you anything about hygiene?

Many Thanks to Luna Pancake!

What The -- ?!?

These "bitches" look like human beings to me. Well, they're naked as dogs, but, still...

Many Thanks to Fuck Yeah, Dementia!