Saturday, December 3, 2011

Those Bloody Apes!

Yes. This is a still from the 1969 Mexican movie, released in America as "Night of the Bloody Apes." The reason this quite trashy pic is on my radar, is because, well, it's really quite trashy. And it features Norma Lazareno as Lucy, the female wrestler. Yes, it is one of those Mexican wrestling movies, but it has a really crazed ape-boy as the monster, and it has one other thing. Lucy has a key subplot to herself, and where it is gratuitously convenient, she gets naked several times. She has a nice body, but the fact that the heroine is getting so brazenly nude in more than one scene feels rather strange. I mean to say, it seems unusual. 

Nevertheless, there is no doubt as to the high titillation factor it introduces to what is a pretty freakish piece of celluloid.

Courtesy of Peach Bee

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