Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Golden Bat Cigarettes

If you are familiar with the Japanese sci-fi/fantasy film "Ogon Bat", then you will recognize elements of that film in the imagery for this ad. 

And you will be scratching your head at the choice of that theme for a tobacco product.

Ya gotta love the Japanese for just these sorts of weird juxtapositions.


  1. Golden Bat cigarettes were a Japanese export to Manchuria in the '30's, for export only because they were loaded with opium and heroin in the mouthpiece, causing many Chinese to become unsuspectingly addicted. This resulted in huge profits for the Mitsui Corporation, the parent company of Golden Bat, and the death sentence (International Military Tribunal for the Far East) following the close of WWII the war for the mastermind of the plan, General Kenji Doihara

    1. I am going to assume that you are not pulling my leg on this, which you could totally do, because I know nothing about these cigarettes other than my observations in the captioning. That is very interesting in a harrowing way. Thanks for the background. I guess the skull head was highly appropriate after all.

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