Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Masterwork Of Dr. Venal

The Doctor and his minions were working on his ultimate evil achievement. The creation of an artificial woman who was so voluptuous that no man could resist her. He would use her to influence people in the government who could further his plans for world domination.

However, Venal had run into a problem. The woman, while still in the gestation chamber, had developed free will, contrary to the design, which was to have her completely obedient to the will of the Doctor.

When she came to full development, she demanded to be released and allowed to make her own life. 

Dr. Venal was greatly angered by this turn of events, but he could not maintain the powerful emotion.

Lust and love for the artificial woman was overcoming all negative emotion.

Grates to Mira y Calla

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