Saturday, October 22, 2011

Madame Khalamidia And Friends

The beautiful but aging dame K (who is reputed to have a libido as big as all outdoors) hangs out with her marionette buddies Sploogie the Klown and Lady Downonner-Lucke. Sploogie has been charged with a variety of vice squad misdemeanors and can't be left alone with child marionettes. Lady D-L keeps up a brave face, but her breath reeks of turpentine and she has been discovered at least once with her pungent womb-threshold in Sploogie's face.

No matter, the trio is well regarded by the outre crowd in Palookaville, and they can often be found late evenings trading bon mots over Muscatel at Chez Boi-Howdy on Mustard Blvd.

Gratitude Galore to You're Horrible

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