Monday, June 12, 2017

Hey, Y'all. Is there anybody that still comes here? No matter. Suffice it to say I am reactivating this blog.

And here's why.

I have been doing on Twitter what I used to do here: post images with my own original captioning.

However, as fast as I am used to posting ("tweeting" in Twitter terms), the algorithms on the media site stupidly decide that I am a spambot, and lock my account for violating their restrictions against so-called "automated behavior".

As a matter of fact, at this time, I am still waiting for them to unlock my account for the umpteenth time.

No matter what approach I take for tweeting images, they still do not get it.

But my brilliant wife has figured out a way for me to have my cake and eat it too.

Tweet one captioned image an hour, while posting as rapidly as I want to HERE on my blog.

Then direct my Twitter followers to this blog, if they want to see more.

Now is that a cool idea or not?

Well, we shall see.

I have to figure out this blog posting stuff all over again -- it's been years, Peeps.


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