Monday, July 9, 2012

One For The Road

Okay, I will give the 20s/30s a rest for a bit, but before I leave it, here's one last post. 

I know of Bessie Love by way of the ancient "talkie" 'Broadway Melody of 1929'. She plays Hank, one half of the Mahoney Sisters. She is the "homely" sister and struggles in the lovelight of the gorgeous and endearing Anita Page as Queenie Mahoney.

On her own merits, she was a quite attractive lady, and that is apparent in this photograph from "Stars of the Twenties". I particularly like the hairstyle she has here, and she has a nice little body, that is undebatable.

She is great in BM29, but that is not the end of her filmography. She was celebrated as late as the 2000s.

Lovely lady.

Eternally Grateful to It Is Not Safe Here

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