Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Music You've Been Missing All These Years

If you are enjoying Squashpants' sense of humor as reflected in "Hot Buttered Groat Clusters", then you might like his musical offerings as well. Blip.FM is a streaming music venue that also accommodates social interaction. You have a vast musical database from which to select and play just about any song you can think of, and then launch it on a Twitter-like packet with your witty comments and shout-outs to other DJs. 
My sets are eclectic mixes of seldom-heard oldies, psychedelia, strong R&B, New Wave and New Age, novelty, and interesting arcania. My promise to listeners is that, if they choose to play anything I launch, they will immediately like the tune. "Catchiness" is the catchword. 
I will be doing a set tonight, starting about 6:30 CDT. Make me one of your favorite DJ's (yes, my djname is "Squashpants")

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