Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is It So Much To Ask?!?!

Donald left the toilet seat up one too many times.

Via Mustardy Yellow Aura


  1. Brad and I are looking at your blog and he just hit me on the leg because of this post. He considers "leaving the toilet seat up" to be leaving the cover up instead of putting it down. He demands that it be closed cause he was taught it growing up to always close the lid. So he gets a little testy when I leave the lid up. lol.

  2. That is very interesting. Families have such a wealth of weird conventions. Well, i must say that it is no harder to put the cover down than it is to put the seat down. When Jean first lived with me, I learned that if I didn't put the seat down, she came close to falling into the toilet bowl. So I was happy (yes, happy!) to do this little thing for yer.

  3. Well, the bad thing about him putting the cover down is I'm not used to it sometimes and end up sitting on the cold lid! :P